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Sorry for not posting earlier

First off let me say thank you to all that posted. Those were some very nice contributions and it's gotten me interested in a new fandom or two.

Secondly we are currently being watched by this user here kingdoms_eye, I was not aware till I heard about this particular troll. A troll for your information, Sarah (aka Kingdoms Eye), is a person who watches and friends communities in which to post and basically hate on that community, or IM the mods. This means you, Sarah. I realize that you have a problem with... and I'm quoting you on this.

Bio: Kingdoms_eye is a group of five individuals working to better the internet by uncovering predators and reporting them to the proper authorities. We watch and report violators who participate in the following:

*Pro-pedophile apologetics and support circles
*Pornography without proper age-verifying measures in place
*Incest, whether fictional or real
*Rape, fictional or real
*Hate Speech against Christians
*Speech that incites Terrorism and anti-American sentiment'

Now last time I checked we the citizens of the United States of America, a democracy, not a theocracy, were allowed to talk about these stated things. It's called free speech, get used to it.

So to my community members, congrats we have officially offended people.

Since I didn't contribute a fic, I'm going to contribute now a link to one of the Marquis de Sade's best black comedy works. About a man's adultery and his wife's revenge.

Warnings: Adultery, negative portrayals of Christian church figures, light sexual content

Warning it is a pdf file that will download to your computer.

I would honestly suggest Justine , to start on reading his erotic works. This is a link to a work of erotic fiction.

Also... I'm now going to go find House MD on dvd cause wow.

Just wow.
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