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Supernatural Fiction: Sam/Dean

So, LJ has apologized. I would like to thank them for that. Of course, I had already spent valuable time writing underage incest, just so that I could officially say I had those interests.

Title: "Five Things Dean Winchester's Never Done"
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Sam/Dean (Supernatural)
Length: 700 words.
Beta:tigriswolf Remaining errors are mine.
Disclaimer: This is a non-profit, non-commercial use of characters who belong to their respective copyright holders. It has also been heavily influenced by my fellow fanfic writers.
Feedback of all sorts (good, bad and/or ugly) is lovingly welcomed.
Warnings: UNDERAGE INCEST! Also, minor het, prostitution, underage drinking, and questionable consent if you squint.

1) Been jealous. He just doesn't get it. Why would anyone make themselves crazy like that? Like with Cassie, he can picture her with another man, those thick lips wrapped around his cock, him whispering, "I love you," and all Dean hears in his head is Paris Hilton saying, "that's hot!" It would be even hotter if it were with a chick, say Angelina Jolie, and then Brad Pitt walks in on them and wants to join in - but that's a thought for when Sam's in the shower.

And speaking of Sam, when that girl Sarah was all into him, it didn't bother Dean a bit. She was hot, sure, but hey, there are plenty of other hot chicks out there, chicks that are into Dean. Hell, while Sam was off on his date with her, Dean pictured the two of them together and jerked off so hard that he thinks that he might have gotten jizz on the ceiling tiles.

2) Said "I love you." Well, he probably did when Mom was alive, because in his limited experience with kids that seems like the first thing moms teach 'em, but not since she died. Cassie had started screaming before he could get to, "I'll telling you this freaky shit because I love you, goddammit." Dad would have taken it the wrong way if he'd tried, like Dean thought one of them was gonna die or something.

Sam already knows.

3) Had sex with a guy who didn't pay him. So the rule of Winchester finances is simple: use a credit card for absolutely everything you can. The only problem is, sometimes you can't. So far, he's never been able to bribe anyone with a card, or buy in on a poker game or pool bet. Ways to get cash when you don't have any to start with, they're pretty scarce.

And the way Dean figures it, hey, sex is sex. If the guy's behind him, it doesn't really matter what he looks like, right? As far as Dean knows, it's Orlando fricken' Bloom ramming his ass. But having sex with a guy who doesn't pay? That's gay.

4) Kissed his brother. And what kind of freak does that make him, that "I never put my tongue in my kid brother's mouth" isn't a given? But they are together pretty much 24/7, and his brother does have the family good looks and a bangin' body. So maybe being able to say that actually says something pretty good about him.

5) Never asked Sammy if he remembered that night. He's not going to ask, either. Christ, the kid was 15, and sneaking him that third beer was definitely a bad idea. It was hot though, Sammy all legs and sharp hipbones, little breathy squeaks being forced out of him with every thrust. Sammy had come in his jeans, just pushing against Dean's hand, and he'd looked so shocked when Dean whipped his own dick out and jerked off on the kid's stomach.

Dad had come back a few hours later, when they were both trying to sleep through the transition between "still drunk" and "hungover." Dad might not have picked up on it; the guy's not superhuman no matter how often it seems that way. But Dad still must of figured something happened, what with the kid stuttering and blushing. Maybe Dad just thought Sam thought he'd be mad at Sammy being drunk at his age. Dean sure as hell isn't going to ask Dad.

The only problem with not asking Sam if he remembers is, he doesn't know if Sam's mad about it, or thinks Dean's a big freak. He doesn't know if Sam remembers it the way Dean does, in the shower with an entire travel size conditioner bottle emptied in his hand, so he can jerk off slow and steady, and maybe stick a finger up his ass if he feels kinky like that. He doesn't know if Sammy still makes that broken noise when he comes, and he'll never know.

No matter what Sam thinks, Dean does think sometimes with his upstairs brain. And if Sam doesn't remember, that's an answer too.

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