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censoredcontent's Journal

Strike through 2007 and deletgate. Multifandom
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This is a community organized to protest the random deletion by livejournal of fiction communities and fiction writers, because of the complaints of three people in a garage in Arizona. Due to others proposing a protest on Friday, June 1st I created this community to show solidarity across fandoms. I hope my fellow LJ users will use this site to post or link fics, art, or poetry dealing with the sensitive topics that LJ has decided to censor.

I don't care if you've posted it before. Post it again. Please place under LJ cut and add warnings and rating. You folks know the drill.

Many people are just rolling their eyes and dismissing this as LJ Drama, but think about this. If they cave to the whims of one small third party over LJ tags by threatening them with their sponsors, how much longer before everything on LJ is censored by people who don't even use it. Every community will be affected. LJ no longer looks out for it's users it's concerned by it's sponsors now.

Till livejournal reverses it's ill conceived purge, I would suggest that everyone who supports LJ with a plus account or paid account change to basic. Also notify them why on the comment section why you're downgrading. Money seems to be the only motivator for them now.


This community in no way supports rape, child molestation, or non-consensual sexual activities of real people. Any posts with the explicit intent to do so will be deleted and that account banned by mods. I repeat we do not support illegal, coherced sexual acts with real people.