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Here's my addition to the flood of "questionable" content.

Title: Choice
Rating: R for situation and insinuation.
Pairing: Young!Harry/Dumbledore
Warnings: Obvious. Harry is 11, and though there isn't an sex, it still could be a bit squicky.
A/N: This is set during the month period between Hagrids visit and Harry going to Kings Cross in book 1.

“But Professor Dumbledore, I can’t where this! I’m a boy!” Harry squeaked as the older man laid out a frilly pink party dress and stockings.

“You must Harry, or else no one will like you when you come to Hogwarts.” Albus said with a soft smile.

Harry stared at the dress for a moment longer before slipping out of his too large clothing and pulling it over his head. To his dismay he found that the dress barely covered his bottom. He blushed brightly as he bent to pull on his stockings—causing his rear end to stick up enticingly. Once he had the stocking Albus produced a pair of shiny black patented shoes to cover his feet. He then stood nervously before the older wizard, waiting for his next instructions.

“Good boy Harry. Now come closer to me child, I want to see you.” Dumbledore held his hand out to the confused little boy, beckoning him closer.

Harry shuffled over to the Headmaster obediently, taking the proffered hand. Dumbledore smiled as he twirled the boy around. Harry giggled softly as his dress flew up and swirled softly around his tummy. He fell ungracefully against the older man as a wave of dizziness overtook him. Albus found himself awkwardly trying to both push the boy closer and further away from the erection tenting his robes. The more he looked upon Harry the more he wanted to protect and cherish the innocence that radiated from him in waves.

“I must go Harry. I will see you soon at Hogwarts.” Albus sighed, waving his wand to switch the boys clothes back to jeans and oversized tee-shirt. Harry smiled and rushed forward to hug him goodbye—once again putting him in the position of choice.

Albus hugged him back before pushing him away to a safe distance. “It’s best if we do not speak of this.” He was silent for a moment before pulling out his wand and pointing it to the boys head.

“Obliviate.” He whispered mournfully before apparating away.
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