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something I just finished

Title: Mom's Pink Toy
Fandom:Gilmore Girls
Words: 500 on the nose
Warnings: Femmeslash, incest, voyeurism, masturbation, oral, toys, minor with adult


Lorelai couldn’t believe what she was seeing! Having returned home from the inn for some forgotten papers, she spied Rory on her bed, using her pink vibrator. Her daughter lay with her blouse unbuttoned, nipples pointing skyward through her transparent bra, school girl skirt hiked up, legs spread wantonly. Rory was moaning so loudly, she didn’t sense any interlopers, and continued rubbing the pink toy over her clit.

Lorelai started to feel a little warm. “Well, well, well. Who knew my daughter could behave like such a slut,” she interrupted with a laugh.

“MOM! I’m sorry!” Rory began, bolting up, smoothing her skirt over her drenched underwear. “I didn’t mean to skip school, I-I-I…”

“It’s okay. You could’ve asked if you wanted to borrow it though. I could teach you how to use it.”

Rory was stunned. Yeah, her mom was a free-spirit, but damn! Lorelai wasted no time, and reached the bed. “Here, let me help,” she said, taking the vibrator from her daughter’s hands. “Now lie down.”

Rory was too shocked to say anything and complied.

“Now, I usually start with the gentlest setting, and rub it over my nipples.” She opened the front clasp on Rory’s bra, and laid it back so her small breasts were bared. Lorelai then gently rubbed Rory’s nipples with the toy. Rory couldn’t help but moan, which made Lorelai smile. She moved from left nipple to right, but took the neglected one in her hand. “Gently tug them too,” she instructed, and then demonstrated, earning more moans.

“Now that you are sufficiently wet, you move downstairs.” Lorelai set down the vibrator and pushed her daughters legs up so her feet were flat on the mattress, and stripped off Rory’s panties before gently spreading her knees apart. “Wow. You have such a pretty pussy, honey! Do you mind if we skip the vibrator lesson so I can taste you?”

Rory nodded eagerly. Lorelai knelt before her daughter, and inhaled her arousal. She then gingerly unfolded Rory’s nether lips, truly exposing her. She lightly licked her way from bottom to top, causing Rory to shudder. She nearly came apart when Lorelai reached her clit, which caused Lorelai to slow down. She removed her tongue, and then started tracing her daughter’s pussy with her finger, before inserting it. “Have you ever had anything inside you, honey?”


“Not even your own fingers?”

Rory had always been too shy to explore herself, and shook her head no. “I could tell. You’re so tight!” Lorelai then inserted an another finger, and Rory involuntarily began to hump her mother’s hand.

“Oh, Mom! That feels soooo good! Please don’t ever stop touching me!”

“Don’t worry, sweetie.” She proceeded to fuck her with her fingers, and swipe at and nibble her clit. This was too much for the teen, and she screamed as she came apart.

“Your first cum! I’m so proud! It tastes so good!” She then lapped at her daughter’s cunt like a cat.

Rory giggled, “That tickles!”
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